Enterprise-Level Modeling

zAppDev was created by CLMS (UK) Ltd. - a company established in 1998 with a vision to develop software that can easily adapt to the changing business needs of its clients.

Originally the brainchild of academics, we have spent years of research in developing innovative technology and software solutions and services that help organisations turn their business models to modern software components.

In order to deliver business value faster than ever, we created zAppDev as an internal development framework and we developed customized enterprise software across multiple industries with a proven record of successful projects.

Our Custom Solutions and R&D Departments are constantly evolving our range of solutions to cater to problems of any size and complexity. We deliver cost-effective applications, from defining your digital strategy to developing a platform built for your needs, through which zAppDev is also continually evolving and regularly updated.

Our specialists can use zAppDev® on your behalf. Receive the same, unique collection of benefits that zAppDev provides, without the need to on-board, and enjoy

  • Outsourced business modeling and application development using zAppDev
  • User Acceptance Testing from the earliest stages and not just at the end of iterations
  • Fitness for Purpose
  • Speed, agility and time efficiency
  • Hosting, maintenance and upgrades

Case Studies

Banking & Finance
Retail & Wholesale
Security & Compliance
Transport & Logistics
Project Management