Smart Model Validation

zAppDev's unique Model Validation service is the perfect companion for every developer. Using sophisticated code and model analysis techniques, Validation service is able to detect all common logical modeling and coding errors, providing suggestions and quick navigation to the exact error location.

zAppDev IDE will never allow an application that contains modeling errors to be built, saving you from countless hours of debugging sessions.

Version Control

Share your work among your co-developers and project stakeholders using the user-friendly built-in version control module. zAppDev uses the full power of git protocol under the hood, but hides all its complexity that terrifies users, exposing only what is really important, on the moment that it is actually needed.

Team Management

zAppDev offers a powerfull, user-friendly Team Management tool that allows precise collaboration control via:

  • Global team permissions
  • Permissions for each specific project
  • Invitations to new users

Deployment & Integration

zAppDev comes with an incomparable Deployment System that allows you to easily and rapidly publish your Application to a new or existing site. With an easy and tiny set of configuration and a single click you can sit back and let zAppDev take care of

  • Generating your Published Version in a compressed file, ready to be downloaded and copied to any server you wish
  • Sending your Published Version via FTP to the server of your choice
  • Creating all Syncrhonization and Migration tasks to be ran on your remote server, automatically setting it up to your latest Business Model representation