High-Quality Applications

Fast, Modern & Native Apps

With a single-click, all your Business Semantics turn into high-quality, standardized, consistent code, with compilation templates that are always aligned with state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Application Frameworks
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Design Standards and Patterns
  • Open-Source and Public Frameworks and Libraries

The generated code and artifacts are then linked, compiled and built, producing a fully functional Application ready to be downloaded or Deployed on any server.

Your generated Applications are ready to be used with zero ongoing commitment, running independently of zAppDev, giving you full ownership and control over both the Solution and the Source Code for

  • Review
  • Customization
  • Rapid Prototyping

Rich & Responsive UI

zAppDev comes with a comprehensive set of visual, data and model-aware Components that include anything you might ever need to create your Application, from every-day Form elements to all-inclusive, customizable components such as

  • Data Lists
  • Picklists
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Calendars
that you can either simply drag-and-drop onto your UI or configure using extensive Wizards.

Additionally, you can easily draft your UI with a set of pre-designed Form Templates, simply by dragging and dropping items defined by your Models and Data-Sources, or even create ready-to-go, fully operational Forms and sets of Pages with a Single Click, just by defining the Business Objects you wish them to represent.

Without ever leaving this integrated Visual Designer, you can add any basic or advanced functionality to your Forms by

  • Setting the Actions to be performed for every component and user interaction, either from scratch or by using a set of pre-defined processes
  • Adding Rules, Restrictions, Validations, Conditional UI Formattings and Calculation at any level
  • Handling Events and their subsequent representation in your pages

Quick Integration with APIs

Application development in zAppDev is service oriented by design. Connect to external systems and services in a matter of minutes and expose a modern REST api to the world with a few clicks.

External APIs
  • Connect with REST and SOAP Services
  • Import structures defined in XSD format
  • Write custom SQL Queries against the application's database
  • Execute scripts against local or remote network entities
  • Create automated transformations between heterogeneous data representations
Exposed APIs
  • Define secure REST APIs for your application
  • Control their access with Permissions and Audit Trailing
  • Increase their speed with fully customizable caching mechanisms
  • Make instant use of the auto-generated Data Contracts
  • Expose the fully implemented CRUD Operations of any Business Object with a single click

Built-in Security

zAppDev offers you a wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities to ensure security, compliance and reliability. Create your bullet proof Application in a matter of a clicks by

  • Restricting your Application Proccesses with Access Permissions
  • Defining your Application's User Roles
  • Easily assigning Permissions to Roles
  • Monitoring the access to your Application, at any level, with Audit Trails and Logging
  • Defining any Encryption Strategy to secure your Data
  • Selecting your preferred Authentication Type and in a matter of seconds


When developing a modern, dynamic Application enhanced with real-time events and procedures, the mixing of GUI and business logic can result to a cluttered, unmaintainable solution. zAppDev hides the underlying complexity and produces clean, modular, model-based solutions tackling the design and engineering of event handlers. So, whether you wish to allow your users to chat with each other, or pause an Order until your Sales Department issues a Confirmation, you can

  • Easily create Application-wide Events
  • Set their Operation representing your business processes and logic
  • Assign their Target to specific Application Users or Groups
  • Define them as synchronous (blocking) or asynchronous (parallel)
  • Raise them anytime and anywhere you want in your Application

so that later, in any Form you wish you can

  • Simply select the Event you want to Listen to
  • Define its listening User or Group
  • Set up your GUI to react accordingly

Comprehensive Cache Management

zAppDev lets you define caching strategy for your application's Services with a few clicks in an easy-to-use visual way. Every single operation defined in External or Exposed services can be thoroughly tweaked regarding its cache. It may follow the globally defined strategy, or apply to specific precise options, including seperate cache for each individual end-user.

Cache Expiration Modes available:

  • Sliding
  • Absolute
  • Custom Function

Painless localization

The translation of a zAppDev application is an easy task. The integrated localization tools hide technicalities and allow quick translation, to multiple languages, of every text resource used across the application:

  • Global resources
  • Domain-related resources
  • Form-specific resources

End-users of your application can customize their profile by choosing their preferred language and locale settings.

Unlimited Extensibility

With zAppDev you will never feel trapped inside a proprietary development environment or runtime engine. You have full ownership over the generated source code which you can download, modify and deploy without any dependency on zAppDev. We have created zAppDev with extensibility in mind. Your favorite native and javascript libraries can be imported and work flowlessly. Furtheremore, any custom UI can be created using the HTML Form editor in combination with the zAppDev JS Api which allows comprehensive client-side interaction with your applications models.