Enterprise-Level Modeling

Domain Modeling

Focus on the representation of your real-world Domain and let zAppDev handle the technicalities in the background. Design your Business Model, using zAppDev's intuitive Business Objects Editor to

  • represent your data structures
  • add relationships between them
  • set their logic and behaviour
  • constrain them with rules
  • encrypt them

zAppDev will automatically map your Domain and create your DataBase, in a platform and technology independent fashion, giving you a reusable abstraction over the Database Layer.

Mamba: A single language across all layers

In zAppdev, all application components that require execution logic are described in Mamba, a powerful, yet extremely simple c-like, object oriented programming language. Demanding operations that using a “traditional” programming language would span across multiple lines of code, causing serious maintenance issues, are a matter of a few human readable Mamba commands. Become productive from day-one and feel like home with:

  • Familiar c-like syntax
  • Intellisense and syntax highlighting
  • Object oriented programming against your models
  • Many built-in libraries

Scheduled tasks and Workflows

Define detailed workflow-related logic using high level concepts, that are based on exexution steps. The Workflow editor allows you to set up tasks and precisely model their behaviour and execution schedule.

Tasks that require human interraction can be modeled as 'Pending Jobs'. When a step is marked as 'Pending Job', workflow execution stops, and its state is persisted until further action.

Automated Data Transformations

If you have ever created large scale Applications, you might have stumbled upon the need to map one object to another. Cases like that come become even more tedious with Applications that are communicating with external systems. Imagine, for example, that your Application keeps track of all its Users. However, you are billing your users using an external Billing System and monitoring their Azure accounts. And you want all information to be stored into your own Application. Obviously, you will need to map, or transform, the BillingUser and AzureUserAccount information into your Applciation's User representation. A task like this can easily become time-consuming and produce unmanageable code blocks especially as your Application grows.

zAppDev tackles mundane activities like these, offering a user friendly Data Transformation Wizard that can help you map objects and members in mere seconds. All you have to do is draw mappings, links or splits between any two structures and members, regardless of their types and plularities and, if that is not enough, define your own Transformation logic. zAppDev's internal mechanism will take your mapping/transformation design and generate functions, set up and ready to be called anytime and anywhere you need a conversion.