Built-In Tools

Fully Customizable Look & Feel

Every UI element can be thoroughly tweaked using the integrated Theme Editor. Any style related resource, complete theme or framework (e.g. Bootstrap) can be imported and applied to the application, through simple class mappings using a live visual preview.

Use quick settings and custom LESS or CSS rules to change the look and feel of your application, and instantly import external fonts by just pasting a url.

All zAppDev applications support runtime Theme switching, offering unique end-user experience!

Database Management

The integrated database management tool gives you access to your app's raw data. A carefully designed web user interface guides, even inexperienced to database administration users, through each process.

Take full control over your data without the need any third party tool. Perform everyday maintainance tasks like:

  • Database Backup
  • Database Restore
  • Tables and Views management (Create, modify, delete)
  • Table data manipulation
  • Custom SQL Queries

Symbol Search

It can become easily obvious that the larger your Application, the harder it is to find symbols, such as objects and members. In order to to help you easily find any needle in your Application's haystack, zAppDev offers you features for Search and Navigation throughout your whole Application scope. More specifically,

  • with Symbol Search you can rapidly detect any Operation, Class, Member, Resource, Form, Control, Action etc, even in the darkest corners of your Application and navigate to it with a single click
  • with Code Search you can easily find and highlight terms within your code, use Regular Expressions to further enhance your search and easily replace it if needed
  • with Control Search you can view all the controls of your Form, no matter how cluttered and large it can be and automatically be navigated to it

Refactoring Capabilities

zAppDev provides full refactoring capabilities. Modify model concepts in order to make them easier to maintain, understand, and extend, but without changing their behavior.

Quickly Refactor:

  • Model names
  • Class names
  • Class properties
  • and much more...